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Mr. Jamie Entzi, Principal

Title I Program Information

16 days ago

Custer Elementary School is currently operating as a School-wide Title 1 school. The Title I School-wide Program has allowed us to serve all students in reading, writing, and math. This allows us to better serve all of the students at Custer.

Method of Delivery
• Pullout
• In-Class

All schools must ensure that services provided by Title I personnel, regardless of the model of delivery used, are supplemental.

Title I services are supplemental in terms of greater instructional intensity and opportunity to learn.

The Mandan Public Schools provides pullout, in-class, and extended year programs. These methods are chosen by the principal and Title I Staff. Each school chooses what method they feel will be most effective for their students.

Annual Review Meeting

Custer Elementary School is required to hold an annual review meeting to review all the components of our Title I program such as the student selection process, professional development, the parent involvement policy, the compact, classroom teacher communication, assessment methods, service methods, curriculum, and any other items important to the operation of our Title I programs. This meeting is conducted in the spring of each school year.

Compact for Learning

Custer Elementary School must develop a written school-parent compact jointly with parents for children participating in Title I activities, services and programs. These compacts have outlined how parents, the school staff and students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement and also build a school-parent partnership.

Parental Involvement

Research has strongly linked the correlation between parental involvement and student academic success. Custer Elementary School values and promotes parental involvement.

Research shows that children do better in school when parents talk often with teachers and become involved in the school. There are many ways that parents and teachers can communicate with each other, rather than relying on the scheduled parent-teacher conferences. Close communications between parents and teachers can help the student.

Another good investment in your child's education is to volunteer. Depending upon parent's availability, interests, and the needs of the school, the opportunities are endless. Some suggestions include lunchroom monitor, tutoring, library aide, and a classroom speaker on a specific topic of interest. Parents should take stock of their skills and interests to volunteer. School personnel may not know what parents want to do as a volunteer.

Custer Elementary School has developed a Parental Involvement Action Plan that incorporates parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home, decision making and collaborating.

Custer Elementary PTO

Custer PTO is currently in need of parent involvement.  Research has strongly link correlation between parental involvement and student academic success.  PTO is a great way for parents to be involved and have their voices heard. PTO helps with fundraiser and end of the year celebrations along with any other events or activities that make our children’s experience at Custer Elementary be the best it can be. Please consider being part of the PTO. We only meet a few times during the school.  More people involved mean more creative thoughts and input for our children’s school and education.  Be sure to “like” us on Facebook to stay updated on all school information.

Counselor's Office

Mandan Elementary Counselor's Office Mandan Counseling Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Mandan Public School Counseling Program is to promote the development of productive and responsible citizens by ensuring the academic, career, and personal/social growth of all students. In partnership with parents and school personnel, the counseling program provides programs and services to enhance the educational process of all students. What does an elementary school counselor do?

Counselors provide a variety of services to students and schools. Large group guidance lessons are provided in the classroom regularly. Topics include friendship skills, bullying, handling conflict, anger management, stress management, goal-setting, academic success, and career education.

We also provide short-term individual counseling to students. Occasionally our students need assistance with certain developmental challenges. We might see students if they are experiencing trouble making friends, grief or loss of a loved one, a divorce or separation in the family, moving, or a variety of other issues.

Depending on the school and the need, small group counseling sessions may be available to provide students with help and support with peers. Group topics might include friendship skills, anger management, changing families, study skills, or self-esteem.

Counselors are available for consultation with parents and teachers regarding a student’s social, emotional, academic or behavioral concerns. We are also happy to refer to community agencies and services for extra help and support.

Please contact your school counselor with specific questions about services offered or with any concerns about your child.

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